Custom Module: RSS Feed for your events

Creating an RSS Feed of the calendar events was always a difficult task. The first solution that came out required a direct connection to the database and wasn’t able to handle any type of recurrence. The second solution worked slightly better, but wouldn’t validate and the time format wasn’t accepted by most feed readers.

Some time last year, I was tasked by a client to create a feed that actually worked. I managed to create something that was simple, yet worked very well. Then I forgot all about it.

This week, I was contacted by another client, as he too was disappointed by what was available for feeds. I dug through my piles of code and found this gem. It was too good to let it go forgotten again, so I decided to expose it to the rest of the world.

It has been created with ease of customization in mind. It will fit for all situations where you need a feed. You can add it as a site feed so that the feed icon shows up in the address bar, or you can provide a feed link for each of your categories, all from a single install. Basically, if you use the List module to display your events, you can provide a feed that will show that exact list to your visitors. Keep your visitors and clients up to date with no effort!

This module follows the regular pricing as previously outlined, and comes with a detailed ReadMe file explaining how to integrate it into your own site. Please contact me before sending any payment so that I can confirm that I have a valid contact email to send the code to.


Adding more content online

In an effort to provide more information to my [potential] clients, I will be making available online much more content. Instead of relying on the forum to expose my plugins and modules, they will each get a post here explaining their function and how to implement them. There will also be some free content posted for recurring topics that appear on the forums, or one-of’s solutions that just might be helpful to you.

Each post will include the plugin/module’s price which should make it easier for you to decide if you want to implement it on your website. The general formula that will be applied for pricing will be $15 for plugins, $25 for modules, and $40 with the code-and-tweak packages. “Code-and-Tweak” is the plugin/module that you want, along with one hour of coding that you can use towards installation, or tweaking to ensure perfect integration on your website. Essentially, you are getting the plugin/module for free as my regular rate is $40/h. As always, it is recommended that you contact me first before sending payment, so that I can confirm that I am sending the correct package to the correct client.

You can expect the first one to be posted very shortly.