Welcome to EPC Tutorials

If you have been scouring the web, trying to find a calendaring system that is easily integrated in your website, you have more than likely just stumbled upon the “holy grail” of web calendars. With constant improvements and an amazing support team that is actually helpful, it will be hard to find a better product, especially at that price point. The developer actually listens to feedback and keeps a wishlist for all the features that users want most.

Although all of EPC’s features are well detailed in the online documentation, I believe there is no better way to learn how to implement something than by example. And that is what this website’s aim is. To teach you by example. I will try to have an example of every type of integration you could imagine, as well as some modules/blocks for popular content management systems (CMS). I will also follow the same service level that EPC strides for by listening to the feedback provided and add tutorials as requests come.

Note: This site is in no way affiliated with either EasyPHPCalendar.com or NashTech Inc. nor is it endorsed by them. I am a seperate entity.

Multiple Calendars in Blog mode

Have you ever wanted to display more than one little calendar in blog mode? Follow along as we make very few modifications to enable such a functionality.

So you’ve been using the blog mode and you realize that most of your visitors want to see upcoming events. Would it be useful to them to display the next month calendar so they could pick the day right from there?

I’m sure you could find other uses for this functionality, but here’s how you enable it. Read the rest of this entry »


Popups CSS Map

After much longer than expected, I’ve finally managed to create the popups CSS map. This map is much more complicated than the calendar’s as much of the output is actually controled by various settings in the Setup Manager.

I’ll show you which classes affect each part as well as which settings in the Setup Manager control the output and how. Read the rest of this entry »


Regular Calendar’s CSS Map

Many clients asked for it so here it is. The CSS map to the regular calendar. Every section has been dissected and exploded to show exactly which CSS property affects which part of the calendar. I hope this will become a reference amongst EPC clients. Read the rest of this entry »


We are finally online!

Well finally, after all this time, we’re finally online. It took us a while, but we’re ready to start getting content live that will help you in integrating EPC inside many CMS or even your own homebrewed website. You can use the Contact Us section to leave us feedback or suggestions for new tutorials.

I’ll leave you with this for now, and will be back shortly to publish our first tutorial – How to integrate EPC in PHP-Nuke; block, module and all.